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Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Find a Safe Harbor

Are you tired of being tossed around by volatile markets?
Are you looking for a secure source of fixed income?

If you are like many who own appreciated securities and personal residences, you are tired of living at the mercy of the fluctuating stock and real estate markets. You recognize that if you sold your appreciated assets you would face a high capital gain tax.  Also, you want to make investments that are secure today and in the future.

There is a solution, a plan that provides you with
  • fixed income for life,
  • avoids capital gain tax, and
  • leaves a lasting gift to Village Missions.

This plan is a Charitable Gift Annuity.  A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and us.  You can transfer your appreciated assets to us in exchange for our promise to pay you fixed income for your life.  The income can be quite high depending on your age, and a portion of your income stream may even be tax-free.

Best of all, you will receive a charitable deduction for the value of your future gift to us plus the satisfaction of providing for Village Missions well into the future.

For more information and a no obligation quote call Jim Cross at 800-617-9905 x 120.

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

IRA Charitable Rollover Passes for 2008-2009

Washington - The U.S. Senate attached a package of tax benefits to must-pass legislation to rescue the troubled financial sector, increasing the odds that the expired benefits could be renewed this year.

The package newly added to the bailout bill, which was passed by the House today, would extend for two years a tuition tax deduction, a research-and-development tax credit, and an IRA rollover for charitable contributions.

This act permits an IRA owner age 70½ or older to make a direct transfer to charity. The transfer may be up to $100,000 in one year and this IRA rollover will exist for year 2008 and year 2009.

Donors who give any amount can save taxes:
* Tax on Social Security benefits is minimized by keeping IRA distributions out of taxable income;
* Donors who are no longer able to itemize deductions enjoy a reduction in taxable income;
* Donors who give large gifts can keep their tax return simple by keeping their taxable income lower
* Donors who want to give above the 50% deduction level can do so without a carryforward limitation.

Call Jim Cross at 800-617-9905 x 120 or email for more information.

To read more about the IRA Charitable Rollover click here.

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Help Restore the IRA Charitable Rollover

The IRA Charitable Rollover was a tax incentive in effect in 2006 and 2007 that allowed donors aged 70½ and older to give to charities from their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) without having to count the distributions as taxable income. Because the provision expired on December 31, 2007, it will take Congressional action to restore it. The House passed a bill on May 21st which would restore the IRA Charitable Rollover and other tax relief items. The Senate bill is still stuck in Finance Committee.

This tax relief was particularly beneficial to those who do not itemize their tax deductions and would not otherwise have received any tax benefit for their charitable contributions .

The IRA charitable rollover enabled older Americans to make millions of dollars of new contributions to nonprofits that benefit people every day. Donors cannot give through the IRA incentive until Congress acts to restore the provision.

Contact your Senators and Representative today and urge them to immediately pass the IRA Charitable Rollover.
Click here to find your Senators

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

What Will You Do With Your Rebate?

Over 95% of taxpayers will receive tax rebates from the Federal government. Some will spend it, some will save it, some will give it away.

Did you know that giving it away will yield a larger benefit than saving it? Here’s proof that by giving you can truly receive:

If a couple in the 25% tax bracket donates $1,200 in rebate funds, they could enjoy $300 in tax savings. A donor who saves the rebate might earn 3% on a certificate of deposit. It would take eight years or more to earn as much as the charitable deduction will save in the year of the gift.

So, invest in the Lord’s work, and always remember your local church first!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

The Hazards of Equity Indexed Annuities

The fear of volatile markets and lower returns has many looking for secure streams of income. This has opened the door to millions of seniors being sold Equity-Indexed Annuities. Dateline NBC just aired a hidden-camera investigation that focused on how seniors across the nation are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous insurance agents.

Certified Financial Planner Jeffrey Voudrie has been warning against these products for several years. You can explore his articles on this subject here>>>

Village Missions markets Charitable Gift Annuities, which have some of the same benefits and drawbacks of commercial annuities. But we take an altogether different approach:

We will -
□ Explain the benefits and the drawbacks;
□ Encourage you to remember your local church first;
□ Always take your entire financial situation into account;
□ Not make a recommendation that is not in your best interest;
□ Never recommend that you put all of your savings in one place;
□ Always seek to involve your advisors – lawyers, accountants, adult children, etc.

If you would like to explore the options give us a call at 800-617-9905 x 112, or email us. Village Missions provides charitable tax planning information as an educational service to friends, and there is absolutely no cost or obligation.

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Getting Schooled by the IRS

Have you ever been caught in a tax trap? It’s not uncommon for a business or property owner to sell only to be surprised later by an huge tax bill. What an expensive education!

Village Missions partners with National Christian Foundation (NCF)to provide tax-smart solutions for donors who want to make the most of their God-given resources. NCF provides free access to Generosity University in order to help you avoid expensive tax mistakes.

Find out how others have helped their favorite charities and reduced their tax bills:
“Your Wisest Investment: Giving Before the Sale of an Asset”

Don’t get schooled by the IRS! Learn how to save taxes by giving wisely at Generosity University.

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Should Seniors Use Reverse Mortgages?

Some of the most popular products being pitched to seniors today are reverse mortgages. Everywhere you turn there are free seminars, free reports and free DVDs, all touting the amazing benefits these loans offer. Are reverse mortgages the answer to seniors prayers, or are they too good to be true? Certified Financial Planner Jeffrey Voudrie provides the answer to these questions in an article that we have linked to >here<.
Jeff has excellent advice that will help you avoid costly financial mistakes.

For those who want to include charity in their financial planning, the tax law provides charitable options for you to:

– Stay in your home
– Secure a reliable stream of lifetime income
– Get a substantial tax deduction
– Bypass Capital Gains Tax
– Benefit the causes you care about

If you would like to explore the options give us a call at 800-617-9905 x 112, or email us. Village Missions provides charitable tax planning information as an educational service to friends, and there is absolutely no cost or obligation.

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Putting Off Till Tomorrow

Daily living – from dawn to way past dark – is so demanding that we often give little thought to the future. Did you know that that on average, a person

– Works more than 40 years to accumulate worldly wealth
– Spends 10 years trying to hold onto what has been earned
– But does not even spend 2 hours planning how to distribute what is left behind

In fact, every year as many as 70-80% of adult Americans who die do so without letting their own voice be heard in the form of their personal Will. Why do so many fail to take advantage of all that a Will makes possible?

You might say, “we’re not dealing with a mansion, here!”

It’s true; many people look at a modest home and a few investments and think they aren’t enough to bother with the time and expense of a Will. This is often a costly assumption. Many folks who have lived in the same home for 30 or 40 years are shocked when they add it all up. So, even people of modest means can leave tax issues behind for loved ones to unravel.

This is just one example of why so many may postpone the creation of a Will. But no matter what the reason, a little time and thought today can result in significant savings and unnecessary emotional stress later. In addition, the creation of a personal Will is the way you give voice to your faith in the Lord, your hopes for your family, and the values you wish to leave behind. It gives lasting voice to your legacy . . . a voice that can echo for Eternity.

Village Missions will provide to you free of charge, “A Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust.” This guide will help you to think about how you want your assets to be distributed at death and assist you in gathering the information your attorney will need to prepare a will and trust to carry out your wishes. It will save you time and money when you consult with your attorney.

Ask for your copy by e-mailing us, or calling 1-800-617-9905 x 112.

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

WANTED: Ranchers and Farmers for the Kingdom

Did you know you can support God’s kingdom while you are out in the field sowing a crop or herding cattle?

Through our partnership with STEER, Inc., you can use your farm or ranch to Keep Country Churches Alive. And STEER gives you everything you need; all you provide is the labor.

Even if you don’t have a consistent cash flow, you can use your time and resources to help build the kingdom. By placing a few more seeds in the ground or raising an extra animal, you can support missions work around the world. STEER partners with Christian farmers and ranchers who want to use their skills to further God’s kingdom.

Here’s How It Works:
STEER supplies animals—or seeds and fertilizer—and you provide the labor, feed, land and machinery. You can choose from cattle, buffalo, horses, sheep, hogs and other animals or whatever crop you are currently growing.

STEER covers any loss of livestock or crop through its insurance and depreciation fund. STEER also covers any vet fees or death losses.

When it’s time to go to market with your STEER livestock or crops, the bulk of the profit is sent to Village Missions to Keep Country Churches Alive.

Call us at 800-617-9905 x 112 to learn more.

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Giving Before the Sale

Here’s an example of tax-smart giving:

Katherine and Mark bought a piece of property 25 years ago for $50,000. This year, it was worth $500,000, and they wanted to sell the asset and then give the proceeds to the work of the Lord.

Doing so, however, would have sent tens of thousands of dollars to the Federal government in taxes.

Then Katherine and Mark learned about The National Christian Foundation (NCF), a recognized leader in accepting and liquidating innovative gifts such as real estate, business interests, and restricted securities. They decided to set up a Giving Fund at NCF.

After liquidating the property, NCF put the proceeds into Katherine and Mark’s Giving Fund, which they used to recommend grants to their favorite ministry.

Why was this a wise choice?

– They avoided capital gains tax, saving $94,500. These dollars went to support Kingdom work.

– They received a higher charitable income tax deduction. Katherine and Mark received a tax deduction of $500,000, the fair market value of their property. This saved them an additional $38,745 in income taxes.

– They maximized their gift. They were able to give a lot more to their favorite ministries.
The extra $94,500 went to Kingdom work that needed it most. With the extra $38,745 in tax savings, Katherine and Mark helped put their daughter through college.

For more information about tax-smart giving, call us at 800-617-9905 x112, or email

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