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Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

February 4— Dan & Caroline Enns, Cedar Creek, MO

enns-dan.JPGLocated in the “hills and hollers” of southwestern Missouri is the small community of Cedar Creek. Just ten miles from Branson as the crow flies, but thirty miles by car, we still find ourselves far from civilization. Most people work outside the community and thus have very busy lives. Our church primarily consists of the “older” generation. Our greatest difficulty is getting the “younger” generation interested in the Bible. Being located in the “Bible Belt” has caused many in the community to think they are Christians, but their lives tell a different story. Please pray that those in the church will find ways to minister to the younger generation. Pray that those who claim Christianity but live like the devil will realize and come out of the deception they are living in.

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

January 28-Jerry & Jan Kennedy, Foothills, WA

jan-24-kennedyj.JPGFoothills is a beautiful rural area only 16 miles northeast of downtown Spokane. While much of Foothills is still farmland (grain crops and grass seed), many farms are slowly being broken into 10-acre building parcels, so the area is becoming more and more of a bedroom community. The picturesque white church building is located on a strategic corner in the community and has been a lighthouse here for more than 100 years. Pray that we will become more effective in reaching our community, especially young families, for Christ.

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

January 21- Alan & Bonnie Klein, Sutherland’s River, NS

jan-18-klein.JPGOur field is located in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, just off the TransCanada Highway, on the way to Cape Breton Island. Pray that God would give us a continued passion for the unsaved, and that God would enable us to be a strong evangelical voice in an area where many of the churches no longer call people to repent and believe on Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

January 14—Greg & Susan Petrie, Stonyford, CA

jan-09-petries.jpgStonyford is in northern California, about midway between Redding and Sacramento. It’s in the eastern foothills of the coast mountain range, with rolling hills and oak trees. There are many retired people in the area, along with some ranchers, US Forestry Service employees, and self-employed people. Pray for wisdom and unity as the church moves forward on a plan to build a new parsonage. Pray that those in the church will continue to grow in their knowledge of God and their devotion to Him. Pray that the church has sensitivity to God’s leading and courage in reaching out to our community.

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

January 7—David & Linda Gustafson, Clover Valley, WA

gustafson.jpg A river runs through it…and so does an interstate freeway. Old farmhouses are rapidly becoming surrounded by a harvest of housing developments, cropping up in fields that once grew produce and lilacs. In the past, Woodland (where our church is located) was an independent logging town. In the present, it’s one of the latest havens for commuters with jobs in the nearby cities of Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR, who wish to reside in rural areas. Like a tithe of time, it has taken 10 years for a small congregation to construct a new church building in a town that has stood the test of that very same element for 100 years. GOD made it possible to have our first official Sunday service on New Year’s Eve!  We are all moved in! We are now looking forward to opening our doors, both to the community and to opportunity, in 2007. PRAY for abundant spiritual opportunities! PRAY for the souls that will occupy the homes being built in the fields! John 4:35 says it all! Go to for the “rest of the story”!   

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