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Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

APRIL 1 – Mark & Donna Archer, Clinton, OH

mar-27-archer.JPGValley Community Church is located outside of Akron in northeast OH. Our area is a mixture of farm country and suburbanites who work in Akron and Cleveland. Many think they are good Christians but are trusting in religion. A general desire to know and follow the Bible and attend church is greatly lacking. Our church is made up mostly of retired folks, many of whom are facing health issues. Pray the Lord will keep them strong in faith and in body. Pray also that the Lord would use our church to be a light to the community and draw more people to Himself. Pray for our physical and spiritual strength and wisdom as we lead the church in word and deed.

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

March 25 – Henry & Marilyn Vandermeer, Nukko Lake, BC

mar-20-vandermeer.jpgNukko Lake is situated north and west of Prince George, BC. It’s in an area of logging, ranching, and farming, and close enough to Prince George for some people to commute and work there. It’s a beautiful area of many lakes and mostly forests surrounding those lakes. We’ve had steady growth over the past years with many young families. We pray that Jesus Christ may become the center of all our families! We pray for future planning as we outgrow our building. We pray that we may passionately display the love of Jesus Christ to our neighbors!

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

March 18—Ken & Charlotte Schmidt, Morton, WA

mar-14-schmidt.jpgWe are now on our new field of Morton, WA, which is located at the intersection of US Highway 12, State Route 7, and State Route 508. The nearest large town is Chehalis, about 40 miles away. This has been a lumbering town since the mid-1800s, situated in a lovely river valley. Other nearby towns include Mossyrock and Randle. Pray for us as we begin our ministry in this new area.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

March 11—Allen & Diane Sparks, North Montgomery, IN

mar-07-sparks-allen.jpgWe are located in W. Central Indiana, mid-distance between Indianapolis and Champaign/Urbana on I-74. Corn, bean & hog farming are the main occupations here, with industrial employment in the county. The church is a “rurban” mix of farmers, factory workers, teachers, and other professionals. Pray for evangelistic outreach, a youth minister, and ministry to families in an area of divorce and drug/alcohol abuse.

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