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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

June 3 – Steve & Elaine Powers, Four Lakes, WA

may-29-powers.jpgThis community is located on the “West Plains” just off of I-90, 10 miles SW of downtown Spokane. Please pray that our midweek fellowship groups would increase and the body at Four Lakes would continue to grow in spiritual maturity until each one is filled to the “full measure of Christ in their lives.” Pray that in this maturity we would see the fruit of spiritual reproduction and an outreach into the growing community. Pray as well for wisdom in dealing with our aging building as far as maintenance, repairs, remodeling, etc. as we desire to accommodate the growth that the Lord brings.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

May 27 – Craig & Lani Norwood, Nile, WA

may-23-norwood.JPGNile is located in a narrow mountain valley 35 miles east of Yakima on the way to Mt. Rainier National Park. Much of the population either works in Yakima or is retired.  The area is quite beautiful, with hundreds of campsites, many summer cabins, and a couple of resorts. Praise the Lord for a great year of Good News Clubs reaching many unchurched children. Pray for our Summer Camp and VBS in July, that both would reach many youth. Pray for continued faithfulness to the ministry and for development of new leadership.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

May 20 – Aaron & Suzanne McNally, West Bethel, ME

may-15-mcnally-a.JPGWe are located in a beautiful landscape of mountains and valleys in the Western Mountains of Maine, with Mt. Washington in our backyard. This area is known for its great skiing, hiking and mountain climbing. Please pray that we would be a body of Christ that is a great example of His love, grace, and mercy.  Pray that we would reach into the lives of the people in the surrounding communities so that they may come to know the Lord we love.

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

May 13 – Doug & Sally Johnson, Buttermilk, KS

johnson-d.JPGWe are located in the rolling prairie of south-central KS, near the Oklahoma border. This county has approximately 1400 residents—that number includes pets and rattlesnakes. Most people farm and ranch, others are teachers and health professionals. There are three towns in this county…but no stop lights! In the afternoon it would not be uncommon to see military fighter jets practicing in the skies over the prairie and near our church. People here are proud of our military and supportive of the men & women who serve our country. They are fun-loving, hardworking, and most are churchgoing families. Please pray for the people here, that God will provide for the farming and ranching, and that our community will be able to grow economically and numerically. Pray for desire to follow the Lord in all that He leads. Please pray for rain, and also for those who are lonely and feel overwhelmed with the stresses of trying to make ends meet in this rural community. Pray for our church, that God will increase the desire for regular corporate prayer, and that He will bless the efforts of those who are trying to read through the Bible this year.

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

May 6 – Elliott & Victoria Harder, Meadowbrook, AB

may-02-harder.jpgWe’re located in central Alberta, about a half-hour drive northwest from Red Deer, near Gull Lake. The area is strongly supported by the oil & gas economy, diversified farming (cattle, poultry, dairy, grain, bison, elk, and deer), and by commuters traveling for work to the nearby towns. The Meadowbrook community will see rapid changes in the next few years, as multiple subdivisions are being developed on the shores of Gull Lake, just down the road from the church. Please pray for our church as we seek to reach our community and the rapidly expanding subdivisions in the area. Please pray for unity as we grow together and for strong spiritual leadership to follow God’s leading.

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