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Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

December 2 – Mike & Bonita Ullrich, Kittredge, CO

ullrichs.JPGKittredge is located in the mountains west of Denver, and the Kittredge Community Bible Church (KCBC) has been sharing the Gospel here for about 60 years. Village Missionaries have occupied the parsonage since 1964. The town of Kittredge, population about 1000, used to be a summer cabin community but is now a bedroom community, with most of the people working in Denver and the close-in suburbs. KCBC is, and always has been, the only church in town. Please PRAY for wisdom in reaching the people of the community, as many doors remain closed to the Gospel. PRAY also for us as we work with nearby Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je, which has a long connection with the church. Also PRAY for our 7 children, one of which is now serving in missions in Thailand; the other 6 live in 4 other states – including the two youngest, still at home and attending public school.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

November 25 – John & Candy Adams, Hauser, OR

adams-j.jpgWe are just off the Sand Dunes of the southern Oregon Coast, 7 miles north of North Bend – Coos Bay, near Highway 101. Tourism and recreation have a large impact on a local economy that was once timber-dependent. We are seeing many younger retirees move to our area because of the mild climate. Hauser has grown over the years through a strong evangelism and discipleship ministry with an emphasis on helping men become spiritually mature leaders in their homes, workplaces, and church family. Pray for continued effectiveness in reaching a community with a population in transition. Many younger families seem to cycle through our area. Pray for continued development of men as spiritual leaders through the Men’s Mentoring Ministry. Pray for wisdom in helping lost and hurting people find the freedom Christ brings and grow to full spiritual maturity.

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

November 18 – Steve & Elaine Powers, Four Lakes, WA

powers-s.jpgLocated just 10 miles southwest of downtown Spokane on what are known as the West Plains, Four Lakes has really become a bedroom community for Spokane. For a number of years the west side of Spokane was more the “industrial side” because of the airport being nearby, but there are a number of new housing developments being built just a few miles away now. Please pray that we would be able to reach out to the new families that are moving into the area and that our congregation would be growing, both spiritually and numerically.

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

November 11 – Cliff & Carol McMullen, Middleton, NH

mcmullens.JPGWe just arrived at our new field a week ago! Middleton is in the southeast corner of New Hampshire, about an hour from the ocean. It’s a small community, and we are the only church in the town. Please pray that we will be well received as we begin our ministry here. Pray for unity in all believers and a positive response to us and our ministry from the people.

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