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Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

December 30 – Eddie & Sarah Vesser, Sybrant, NE

vessers.JPGOur church is in the heart of the Sandhills of Nebraska, in a ranching community. We are located 27 miles southeast of Bassett, out away from towns and traffic. Agriculture dominates the area, and unfortunately, that means we are facing depopulation as with most rural areas. Thankfully, we have a good mix of ages from young to old, which is a tremendous blessing. Please pray for our outreach to people in and around our community, and for continued spiritual growth for the church.

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

December 23 – Eric & Pam Bearden, Charlos Heights/Sula, MT

beardens.JPGOur fields are located 28 miles apart in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of western Montana. With the Bitterroot Mountains to the west, the Sapphire Mountains to the east and a milder climate than the rest of Montana, our valley is really growing. Our valley and the mountains that surround it are a paradise for hunting and fly fishing. While the face of the valley is changing with the influx of people and industry, there still remains a strong link to our agricultural roots. Our greatest needs are for vision and wisdom as we seek to move both ministries forward in these changing times. Because there is a lot of potential for growth in both ministries, we are seeking to disciple men who can help provide the leadership both churches need. We also need strength and endurance to keep up with the opportunities and challenges that a growing double-field ministry presents.

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

December 16 – Clint & Cindi Highley, Mackay, ID

highleys.JPGWe are located in the beautiful mountains of central Idaho. This is a ranching, retirement, and summer community, and the Idaho National Nuclear Laboratory is here. This area has been called the land of Moroni; but we are claiming it for our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for the growth of the church in raising up helpers in music, youth, and teachers. Pray for the growth of evangelism with neighbors and salvation of all the lost.

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

December 9 – Gordon & Val Rowland, Clive, AB

rowlands.jpgClive is in the heart of central Alberta, approximately halfway between Edmonton and Calgary. It is an area of rolling farmland, with a significant amount of oil industry as well. There are several large petrochemical plants within 15 miles of Clive, which employ many people. The village itself has been growing quite rapidly in the past couple of years. Please pray that we would have wisdom as we seek to minister to the people in our community. Pray that we will be able to reach out to some of the new families in the area. We appreciate the many older folks we have in our congregation, but pray for new young families to come out and be a part of our church family as well.

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