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Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

August 3: Paul & Lynn Wager, Fairview, OR

Located in a beautiful green valley, 25 miles inland from the Oregon coast and Coos Bay, Fairview is a diverse community of timber, farming, retired folks, and working families. There are about 700 residents in the valley and surrounding area, with Fairview Community Church standing at the four corners. Our church motto is “Shining God’s Light in our Valley,” and that’s what we endeavor to do. Pray for our ministry and outreach to children, youth, and families. Also, pray for the financial needs of the church to be met, as we need to replace the roof on our aging church building.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

July 27: Maury & Linda Jenkins, Skokomish, WA

The church is located in the Skokomish Valley, 8 miles north of Shelton, WA, off US 101. The valley is nestled at the foot of the Olympic Mountains, and the Skokomish River, across the road from the church, flows into Hood Canal. Originally homesteaded in the 1800s as an agricultural/logging area, the valley is increasingly populated by retirees and commuters. Church membership is diverse, including some of the original farming families as well as newer members of the community. We also have members who drive as far as 25 miles from neighboring communities to attend here. We’ve been growing and attendance is averaging 80-90 per week. Pray for continued spiritual growth and maturity, both for the adults and the youth. We also ask for prayer for our upcoming Vacation Bible School (Aug. 4-8) and fall ministries.

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

July 20: Tom & Carol Lee Bell, Blodgett Mills, NY

Blodgett Mills is just below Cortland, NY, about halfway between Syracuse and Binghamton. The area is one of rolling hills and dairy farms. Cortland is an old manufacturing city, but some of the industries have closed.

Blodgett Mills is just a little village, and the Church of Blodgett Mills is the only church in the village. We are not that far from lots of other churches, but the ones we are seeking would not go down the road to visit a church outside the community.

Praise the Lord that in our 3½ years here, the church has been able to make quite a few improvements to the church and parsonage. We want to keep things up to attract new people and be a good testimony in the community.

Pray that our people will be a testimony to their friends & neighbors. Pray for more involvement in the life of the church.

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

July 13: Roy & Lennie Adrian, Canadian Regional Administrator

We’re in the North Okanogan Valley, 20 minutes north of Salmon Arm, BC, in an area called Notch Hill (Sorrento). Our home is the administration office for Village Missions of Canada. The payroll and accounting is done in Richmond, BC, and we do the rest from here. Praise God for travel safety. We have two major concerns to bring before the throne of grace. With 8 fields waiting for leadership, we need Village Missionaries. We also need funds to continue to help the rural churches of Canada. Pray for new candidates and for the Lord to direct us to new donors through our fundraising banquets in Halifax, Red Deer, and Toronto.

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