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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

August 31: Samuel & Mary Hayford, Alder Flats, AB

This town of less than 200 people is at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, SW of Edmonton. There isn’t much to attract people except a dilapidated old resort. Because of their close proximity, Alder Flats & Buck Lake look like twin towns. There’s an equal mix of retired and young people, and a scattering of expensive cottages around Buck Lake. We’re surrounded by oil fields and gas plants – current booming oil and gas industries make this community and its environs very busy; ranches and lumbering also do relatively well here. Ours is the only church in this extensive area, covering a radius of approximately 90 km. Even though this is the church’s 70th year, it must be stated that the work has the appearance of a pioneer work. However, we keep trusting God; our own faithfulness is what matters. Pray that the present generation of believers will remember those early pioneers and their sacrifices, and why we continue here. We’re launching a new form of outreach that needs concerted praying, knowing the spiritual opposition we face. We need to place Bibles in some homes, to start with; we hope they will be accepted. We are not unaware of the devil’s devices. Let’s pray for success. Pray for safe travel for all this summer.

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

August 24: David & Sheila McIlroy, Starbuck, WA

Starbuck (not related to Starbucks Coffee) is located in eastern Washington, near the Snake River breaks. It is on the borderline between barren, treeless land, and the wheat fields of the Palouse. The town mostly consists of retirees and people who work at the dams. Pray for the hearts of believers to be committed to spiritual growth and sharing the Gospel. Pray for those we are reaching out to, that their hearts would be drawn to the Savior. Pray for our Bible studies, kids’ programs, Sunday services, young moms’ group, and other programs and events to touch the hearts of those in the community and surrounding areas.

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

August 17: Steve & Lisa Rief, Redland, OR

Redland is a rural bedroom community on the outskirts of the Portland Metro area, with numerous Christmas tree farms, hay farms, and horse properties. Pray for our Awana Kids’ Club outreach, which draws in many unchurched families. Pray for various one-on-one neighborhood friendships with many unsaved in our little community. We are the only church presence here. Pray for our FREE ZONE clothing & food outreach. Pray for our own family life, that our “at-home congregation” would stay as our priority focus.

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

August 10: Larry & Randy Haylett, Juliaetta, ID

Juliaetta is on Highway 3 between Lewiston and Moscow, ID. This area is in transition – there’s a lot of logging and farming in the community, but it is becoming a bedroom community for Lewiston. Pray that we might be able to reach out to the youth of the area. Pray for God’s direction and wisdom for those who have taken on various responsibilities in the church. Pray for Randy and me as we shepherd the people.

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