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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

November 2: Ed & Ruth Peters, Garrington, AB

With the Rocky Mountains visible in the distance and the feel of the prairies all around us, the rural environment surrounding our church offers much to those who enjoy outdoor activities. Garrington Community Church is located in the middle of a farming/ranching area, and a growing number of oil/gas wells. We are about an hour from Calgary and less from Red Deer, with a Wal-Mart and Tim Horton’s within 25 miles. Our church people come from about 25 miles in any direction. Pray for us as a church to take advantage of unique opportunities to share the Gospel with those in our “mission-field”; that we might see the “open doors for ministry” that God is providing. Pray that our year of internship with a young couple might result in preparing them for ministry. Finally, pray for our leadership board as we are presently facing some concerns for which we are seeking the will of God.

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

October 26: Danny & Amber Mason, Unity, OR

Unity is in eastern Oregon; the church building and parsonage are located just at the foot of the Blue Mountains. We are able to experience all the seasons, and every one is beautiful. The main vocations of the people are logging, school teaching, and ranching. We thank the Lord that He has a little group of purchased people here. It is a precious body of believers. Our biggest prayer need right now is that love would spread throughout this valley. Especially pray that we would have sustaining love for the local church, and for those that are refusing the gift of Christ.

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

October 19: Ray & Carla Berry, Wetmore, KS

Wetmore is in the northeast corner of the state, 45 miles north of Topeka, our state’s capital. Our community has about 360 people and is nestled in wooded draws and rolling plains. There is some farming in the area, but most of the people commute to work in other areas. We have enjoyed our short time here (arrived in June). We are very excited to see so many young families and are praying that we may start Kid’s Klub, youth group, and fellowship groups. Pray also as we continue with Sunday school, ladies’ Bible study, & worship. Wetmore Bible Church has lots of love and a whole community to share it with. Pray for wisdom & guidance to share the love of Christ with others.

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

October 12: Terry & Martha Major, Pierceville, KS

Pierceville is 15 miles east of Garden City, right along US 50 and the famed Santa Fe Trail. Pierceville consists of two grain elevators, around 35 homes, and the church. The area has both irrigated circles of grain & alfalfa and non-irrigated farm ground, as well as pheasant farms and the dry Arkansas River. Pierceville Federated Church draws people from a 20-mile radius, both farm families and city dwellers. Pray for continued growth in the midweek ministries to children and teens; for successful small-group ministries and Bible studies to reach into the communities and areas that the church people live in; for the younger members to take on more leadership roles and take ownership of the ministries of the church. Praise God for 50+ years of His blessing through Village Missions leadership, and pray that we can be a blessing to Village Missionaries through our spring mini-conference.

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