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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

July 5: Loy & Dian Wiggers, La Pine, OR

wiggers-lLa Pine is in the high desert of central Oregon, 30 miles south of Bend. Once a logging area, it is now a bedroom community for workers in Bend and for recreation such as hunting, fishing, skiing, rafting, biking, and many other summer & winter outdoor activities. In the past the community was made up mostly of retired people, but now many younger couples live here and commute to Bend for work. Pray for our Vacation Bible Adventure this month. Pray for workers that are needed. Pray that the discipleship program might expand, for the Men’s Mentoring group, and for a Women’s Group to begin in the fall. Pray for the continued outreach of the quilting program and Kids’ After-School Adventure during the school year.

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

June 28: Tom & Nancy Stroud, Greenacres, OR

stroud-tom-nancyGreenacres is located a few miles south of Coos Bay, on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Timber was at one time the main industry, but the community is now considering other avenues of support. Please pray for Greenacres Church, as we endeavor to reach out to an extremely independent population. God has blessed our church in allowing us to shine His light in a hurting world. Pray that we will be up to the task.

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

June 21: Len & Helen Trenholm, Meadow Creek, BC

trenholmsLocated in south-central BC and surrounded by mountains, lakes, and rivers, Meadow Creek is one of six small yet very independent communities in the Lardeau Valley. Although forestry is our main means of employment, the economic downturn and subsequent closure of the two larger sawmills is causing many to move out of the area in search of work. The local attitude of independence is reflected in both community and church relationships; which makes it a challenge to work together. Please pray that God would break through this barrier and give our church people a vision of His work, followed by a desire to fulfill that vision.

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

June 14: Chris & Tammy Immer, Lummi Island, WA

immersLummi Island is part of the San Juan Island chain, just west of Bellingham. The “Whatcom Chief” is our ferry that serves the Island. It is a 6-minute ride. There are only 17 miles total of road on the Island, with about 600-700 people year-round. Summer we see a large increase up to 2500 or so. There are a few small farms but mostly retired folks and maybe a third of the Islanders are working class. It is a vacation destination for many, with lots of cabins and homes for short-term rental and multiple bed & breakfast establishments. The Island has a wonderful school for kindergarten through 6th grade. The older children go off Island to the Ferndale School District. Please pray for a love of the truth, a love of each other, and a hatred of sin. Please pray for wisdom for the board and myself. Please pray also for God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will to be accomplished in the lives of Island Chapel. Please pray that God would make us wise to how we can reach this Island for Christ. Pray that we will continue to “declare His praise on the Island” (Isaiah 42:12).

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

June 7: Tim & Debbie Cumberland, Royalton, NY

cumberlandsWith the church sitting right across the road from a dairy farm, you’d think Royalton is a farming community. But although there is quite a bit of farmland around and even horses in the pasture right behind our house, Royalton is mostly a bedroom community for workers from Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Lockport, and other surrounding towns. Lockport, about 10 miles away, is the home of a large (but shrinking) Delphi plant. Other factories tied to the auto industry help to explain the shrinking economy over the last 15 years. Our church is known as a praying and loving church. We are small in number. Please pray that the Lord would send the people that He may be able to touch through our praying for them. Pray for our Vacation Bible School outreach. It is always a time of many children coming and opportunities to share the Gospel. Also, our church building needs a new roof and finances do not seem to be available to cover the cost. Ask God to provide the right solution for that problem. Thank you for praying. God bless you.

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