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Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

May 30: Jim & Pam Eaches, Hayfork, CA

Eaches-J1Located in northern CA in the mountains near Redding, there are about 1500 people in and around Hayfork. This at one time was a logging community with three mills operating in town, but no longer. With few jobs to be had, much of the community has transferred over to pot growers. We are concerned about the broken families of the community and specifically the children of those families. Please pray for us as we minister to the children of the community. Many of them don’t have positive role models to follow and we are attempting to fill that need. Our children’s ministry and youth ministry are growing, yet there is need for more. We are blessed with many Godly people that have the knowledge of the Bible, so please pray that we have passion for these kids’ salvation.

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

May 23: Paul & Denise DeVall, Glendorado, MN

DeValls“The Country Church,” as Glendorado Evangelical Country Church is called in the area, is in central MN. The church has a heritage of over 100 years in the community, but it has been opened and closed several times during that time. It was reopened the last time during the 1990′s and was on the verge of closing again when they decided to ask for leadership from Village Missions. Denise & I arrived in Glendorado in April 2008. Primarily a farming community, many people are involved in crop farming of some type. Many who are not “full-time farmers” farm part-time. Being only about an hour from the Twin Cities, many people commute into “the cities” to work. Pray that God would open the doors to visit with people in the community and to share Christ. Pray that as we seek opportunities to minister to this community, people would be receptive to the Gospel and respond. Pray as we decide how we as a church can minister effectively to the growing number of families with young children that have begun to attend our church.

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

May 16: Dale & Dorothy Wise, Eddyville, OR

Wise-DWe’re about 23 miles east of the Oregon Coast. Our community depends mostly on logging for income and that, with the recession, has hit the community hard. A few teach, do electronic work, or drive outside of our community, and they for the most part are still employed. Our Good News Club has 30+ kids each week, but only one of those children attends our church…the rest live outside of Eddyville. Our congregation is mostly older than 65, so energy is an issue. The folks are faithful and do their best to keep serving the Lord. Pray for pre-retirees to come and be added to our church, for new families to move into our area, and for the folks here to be encouraged.

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

May 9: Mark & Rebecca Bueckert, Ryley, AB

BueckertsRebecca and I, and our 4 children [Jesse (7), Kathryn (3), Hannah (2), and Nicole (1)], have served in Ryley for 2.5 years. Located about an hour east of Edmonton on Highway 14, this rural village has about 450 people. It is mainly a farming community with some local industry including a regional landfill, a hazardous waste processing facility, and a coal mine. A number of people also work in the oil industry or commute to the city for work. The Good News Community Church has been in Ryley for 31 years and has a very strong Awana children’s ministry and youth program. Pray as we minister to the young families moving from the city to our village. Pray as we seek to build relationships with these families and strive to introduce them to Jesus Christ. Pray for our Awana program, for many children to turn their hearts to the Lord. Pray for our Youth Group as we seek to present the timeless truth of the gospel in a culturally relevant way. Pray for our small group Bible studies and adult Sunday school ministry as we seek to reach entire families with the Good News.

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