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As You Pray This Week

Dear Praying Friends,

We have placed several new missionaries in the last few months. Most are serving on fields that are new to Village Missions. These first few months on any field, but especially on a new field, are critical times in the ministry. We encourage our missionaries to visit extensively in the area and learn the culture. We strongly urge them not to change anything for the first year and instead learn, learn, learn and build relationships with people. Sometimes this approach runs counter to what they have been taught in school, their natural disposition to want to “make an impact” right away, and the normal adjustment they experience in the time it takes to write sermons. However, getting out with the people will be critical to the establishment of their ministry.

Besides all this, in many cases, Satan does not like to give up control over an area where he has held the dominance. So please pray this week for the new fields and our new missionaries! Pray that they would have great starts to their ministries. Pray that the Holy Spirit would move over the community, breaking down resistance from the flesh, the world, and Satan. Pray also that Village Missions would have the finances necessary to provide the salary for these new missionaries.

Please pray for Mike and Judie Jones as they travel to North Carolina next week to visit several Bible colleges and a missionary candidate. Please pray that God will open doors for recruiting.

Thank you for praying for our trip to Arizona. God protected us in our journeys all the way from our new field in Mayer, AZ, to our field in Double Adobe, and several places in between.

I spoke at Mayer Community Church, Grace Bible Church, and Palm West Community Church.

Please pray for Associates Jim and Jeannie Knight as they serve the new field in Mayer and for wisdom as we seek just the right couple to begin serving there full time. If you would like to see pictures of our visit to Mayer, please click here. Also, please pray that the folks who learned about Village Missions for the first time would want to become partners with us in sending and supporting Village Missionaries in country communities.

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