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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

September 1: Fred & Cinda Tribble, Endicott, WA

Endicott, a town of 289 people, is surrounded by wheat fields in the SW section of Washington State. The town has one store and a couple of small entrepreneurial businesses. The population is a mix of retired and young people. Young people typically drive to other towns to work; there are few jobs in town. The town has a strong Lutheran past and many older people claim to belong to the Lutheran church but rarely attend. Pray for the salvation of the townspeople. Also, pray for the economic recovery of SE Washington. Pray that God will open hearts to hear the gospel. Pray that my wife and I will be spared from the onslaught of the evil one and that our caring outreach will be seen by the community as the honest love that it is. Pray for Endicott Bible Church. We ask for growth, a music director, a youth director, Sunday School teachers, and more children.

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

As You Pray This Week

Thank you for praying for Brian and Carole and their visit to Venango, NE, for their 125th anniversary.  It was a wonderful time of celebrating God’s faithfulness.  If you would like to see pictures and read an account of the trip, please click on this link.


Brian and Carole will be traveling back to Avenal, CA, to participate in the ground breaking of a new church building on our field in Avenal, CA.  Please pray for Village Missionaries, Raul and Teresa Corona, as they lead the congregation in this venture of faith.  Please pray for the Lord’s provision.


We are putting the final changes on a new video for Village Missions.  Please pray for wisdom in the final editing and that God will use this video, especially to help us with recruiting.


Roy Adrian visited with some church leaders the other day, and they asked about recruitment and how long they might have to wait for a new Village Missionary.  Roy said, “I shared with them that we don’t have a single candidate in sight. Please pray that church leaders would not become discouraged as they look to ‘holding the fort’ for a long period of time.”


Please pray for John and Gloria James, Sam and Mary Courts, and Tim Griffiths as we represent Village Missions at the Lifelight Festival in Sioux Falls, SD, over Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

August 25: Lee & Arlene Stephenson, Progress, BC

Progress is located in northeastern British Columbia, just on the eastern edge of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, about twenty miles from Dawson Creek, the start of the Alaska Highway. There is no town as such, just a wide spot on the side of the highway. People come to the church here from several surrounding communities as well. There is farming and ranching, and in the past few years a great deal of natural gas activity. It seems we are sitting on a large reserve of natural gas in this area.
Please pray that we can connect with the new people coming into the area as a result of this activity, and also that we can represent Jesus Christ well to our community.

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

As You Pray This Week

Thank you for praying for Brian’s visit to Avenal, CA, last Sunday. Please check out the pictures of his trip to Avenal, CA, on Facebook.


Please pray for safety in travel as Brian and Carole go to Venango, NE, this weekend (Aug. 25) to help celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Venango Community Church.  Village Missions has been serving the church since July 2003.  Chris and Tina Costrini serve this congregation.  Please pray that God will be glorified as we celebrate His faithfulness over 125 years.


Although we had to cancel this fall’s candidate school because of a lack of applicants, we do have several interns who are in process or already serving.  These interns will serve at one of our fields for a year and be mentored by the Village Missionaries.  In most cases, Village Missions will provide their salary.  Please pray for the right mentors and for the finances to support these interns.


Please pray for refreshment as Judie and Mike Jones take some vacation time over the next couple of weeks.


Pray also for our two new missionary families, the Druckenmillers, who will be arriving at Manning, ND, and for the Whittakers as they get settled in at Rockaway Beach, OR.


Please pray for Village Missionaries, Mike and Kimberly Krutsch, as they move this week to Trail, OR.


Pray for a missionary couple on leave who will be getting some needed help and time off this week.


Labor Day weekend Mike Jones will be speaking at a Leadership Conference at Rock Haven Ministries in AR. Please pray that the time will be helpful to all.


We are always sad to see a church close its doors. Village Missions is in the business of keeping church doors open. But recently our little church in Middle Stewiacke, NS, closed its doors for the last time. Please pray for those who are seeking a new place to fellowship and grow. This church has shown a great loyalty to Village Missions; praise God for their faithfulness.


Please pray for John and Gloria James, Sam and Mary Courts, and Tim Griffiths as we represent Village Missions at the Lifelight Festival in Sioux Falls, SD, over Labor Day weekend.

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

August 18: Maury & Linda Jenkins, Skokomish, WA

The Skokomish Valley is about 30 miles north of Olympia, 3 miles west of Hwy 101 near the southern end of Hood Canal. The area has transitioned from farming and logging to only some farming and logging, with the addition of people who enjoy the rural atmosphere but work in Shelton or Olympia, and some retirees. The congregation reflects the people of the valley, with some families dating back to the 1800s and some recent additions. We are lucky to have several generations of some families with 4 generations of one family on most Sundays.
Please pray for more young families as we are an aging congregation, for more spiritual hunger, and that we can continue to be a beacon of light to those around us.

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

As You Pray This Week

Please pray for Brian as he travels to Avenal, CA, this weekend to see firsthand the exciting things that God is doing at Iglesia Evangelica De Avenal, served by Village Missionaries, Raul and Teresa Corona.


Bridge Community Church in Bridge, Oregon (near Myrtle Point), celebrated 60 years of being served by Village Missions on August 11.  Brian and Carole had the privilege of being at the celebration, which included a baptism.  If you would like to see pictures, please click on this link..


Please pray for two Village Missionaries on leave that the Lord will restore their spirit for return to ministry.


Village Missions has several young couples going into our internship program. Pray for them as they raise support and for mentor churches willing to bring them along in their preparation for ministry.


Village Missions will not be holding a Candidate School this fall due to low applications. Please pray that the Lord will send more missionaries to serve with us.


On August 12 auditors will be in Village Missions Canadian office, going through all the numbers from 2012. Please pray that the audit would go smoothly. Village Missions is so thankful that we have a great auditor to work with.

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

August 11: Joshua & Angela Krohse, Scottsville, KS

Our church is located in the very small town of Scottsville (population about 25) in north-central KS. This is a beautiful area with rolling green hills and a wide variety of wildlife. The primary businesses are farming and farming-related manufacturing. The area is popular with hunters; people come here from all over the country to hunt deer, turkey, predators, and other game. About half the people are farmers, and the other half work in nearby towns.
As we invite people to church, pray that they will come and that we will welcome them well. Pray for marriages in this area. People are conservative politically, and most consider themselves Christian, but it seems that the rate of divorce is extremely high. Pray that Angela and I would model marriage well and present God’s intentions, counsel, and grace for marriage clearly. Please pray also as the church develops ministries to children; there are many children in the area and the church, and we currently have no children’s ministry.

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

As You Pray This Week

We only have one more staff conference this year – at Word of Life in Schroon Lake, NY, in mid September.  We praise the Lord for the travel mercies He has given to our missionaries attending the conferences.  We also thank Him for the participation of the churches we serve in giving so that our missionaries could attend – and in some cases, hosting a conference (Graeagle and Lava Hot Springs).  Please pray that our missionaries will resume their ministry refreshed and encouraged in the work.  Pray also that the Leadership Training Initiative that we promoted at the conferences will be implemented at several of the churches we serve.


We have sent out information each week about the RV we have for sale.  This RV was donated to Village Missions as part of an estate and is in excellent condition.  Please pray that we would be able to sell this RV soon, as it is just sitting in the parking lot at our office.  Perhaps you might know of someone interested in this vehicle!


We praise the Lord for the successful completion of significant repair work at our Village Missions’ retirement apartments (Camellia Court) in Dallas, OR.  Dry rot was discovered and extensive repair had to be done to the bathrooms, including replacing tubs and toilets, as well as siding.  We thank the Lord especially for volunteers from Hard Hats for Christ, Evangelical Bible Church, and the youth group from Evangelical Bible Church who painted the siding.  We also thank the Lord that we have been able to provide for our retirees at facilities in Dallas, OR, Clifton, CO, and New Gloucester, ME.


Last week Mike and Judie Jones finished orientation and training with our new District Representatives for WA, ID, and AK. Please pray for Greg and Susan Petrie as they close on their home purchase, settle into the new position, and are welcomed by their new district family.


Pray for wisdom to know how to move forward this fall since we may not be holding a Candidate School in Dallas due to a low number of applications.


This month we will be losing several missionaries who are either leaving us permanently or will be on leave. We will have an additional five churches without leadership, which will make the total around 15. Pray for these churches that the Lord will provide for them as they await leadership from us.


Sunday, August 11-13 — Roy Adrian will be sharing his testimony and the work of Village Missions at a VM church in Grindrod, BC.  He will be sharing the gospel and is anticipating that there will be unsaved folks present. Pray that God would do a mighty work in someone’s life.

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