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Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Dec 1: Doug & LeAnne Clark, Nisland, SD

clarkdougWe recently celebrated nine years on our field in western SD. Nisland is located in cattle country, which, along with alfalfa, is the primary cash crop and forms the financial backbone of our economy. God blessed this year with abundant moisture; coupled with good cattle prices, it helps alleviate the effects of drought in past years. We’re very thankful to God for answering prayers for rain which filled the Belle Fourche Reservoir, from which the surrounding farmland is irrigated.


Our church, founded in 1930 as a German Lutheran congregation, later became independent. Without a pastor and struggling to keep the doors open, a faithful remnant was introduced to Village Missions, and a hopeful bond was formed. In 1974, instead of boarding the windows and locking the door for the last time, the church welcomed its first Village Missionaries, Craig & Lani Norwood. God has since blessed this partnership, and the ministry continues.


In recent years we drafted a comprehensive Strategic Ministry Plan, and are working to implement it. But as with any of our plans, God directs our steps according to His timetable, not ours! Progress has been slow, and we desperately need additional workers to put hand to the plow to sustain and develop our outreach efforts and our many ministries. Key among these are AWANA (elementary), TREK (JH), and Witness Protection (HS), which have enjoyed God-faithful provision through the years, but many of our workers have moved on or are getting tired, and we ask you to pray for reinforcements. Many ministry positions need to be filled, including HS Youth Leaders, Sound Technician, and Small Group Ministry Coordinator, just to name a few. Please join us in praying for renewed fire of passion for God and compassion for lost people, redoubled opportunities in the form of open hearts and homes to which we can bring the Good News about Jesus Christ, and for the resulting growth of spiritual progress and souls saved, to the glory of God.

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

As You Pray This Week

cross prayingBrian writes, “Thank you for praying for my recent trip to the Toronto area.  The offering for Village Missions Canada at a fund raising event was $11,786-a big step toward our goal of raising all the money for a $200 increase in the salary support level before the New Year.  I also had a blessed time visiting the Hastings Park Bible Church, a congregation served by former Village Missionaries Hal and Karen York and a church that gives generously to Village Missions Canada.”


I (Brian) thank the Lord for so many things this time of year and always.  I rejoice in the free and full salvation found only in Jesus Christ-that God saved me and called Carole and I to this ministry.  For the wonderful blessing of my wife Carole and our family-for the joy of being able to minister together for Christ.  I thank God for the dedicated servants of the Lord who minister with Village Missions-board members, office staff, administrators, District Representatives, and Village Missionaries.  I thank the Lord for the churches we serve-so dedicated to being the body of Christ in their location.  And I’m thankful our partners in ministry-folks who so lovingly and willingly pray and give so that Jesus Christ is proclaimed in the rural areas of our two countries.  I thank the Lord that He has so blessed me in so many ways!


Roy Adrian writes, ” Recently we had a Hutterite family attend our church. Our service had a powerful impact on their teenage daughter. She is now considering leaving the Colony and would love to become part of our fellowship. We have people in place to help her, so pray that we would be able to know God’s will for her and her future.”

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

November 24: Seth & Julie Finch, Falmouth, MI

We serve in a wonderful church in the beautiful town of Falmouth, Michigan, two hours north of Grand Rapids. The Falmouth area is primarily a Dutch community who love their heritage. Ours is a unique town with a general store, butcher shop, jerky factory, restaurant, and a party store. The primary work here is agricultural, with several large farms around us milking anywhere from 300 to 2,000 cows! The human population is roughly 250, with about 1,000 in our surrounding community.

This is such a loving community, and our church is made up of some wonderful people. We are blessed to be serving at Clam River Chapel! Please pray that, as we continue to connect with people of all ages in our community, relationships will be built, lives will be changed, and people will grow deeper in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013


Please be in prayer for Brian as he heads to the Toronto area to speak at a fund-raiser for Village Missions Canada at the Bayview Glen Church at 1:30 pm on Friday, November 22 and then atHastings Park Bible Church in Belleville, Ontario Sunday.

The Board of Village Missions Canada has voted to increase the minimum base salary of our Village Missionaries to $1700.  Please pray that the Lord will supply the funds to meet this increase.

Pray for the outreach activities of many of our churches surrounding Thanksgiving next week.

 Pray for our east coast District Representative, Keith Hillard, who is having back pain problems that have disrupted his ability to travel.

Pray for strength and safety on the road for all our District Representatives as they come to the end of their fall visits, and for wisdom as they bring wisdom and encouragement to our missionaries.

Personally, Judie and Mike Jones are thankful for having all of our family around this past weekend. It was the first time in ten years that we had everyone together for Thanksgiving or Christmas. It was a great time with seven grandkids to enjoy.

Lennie and Roy Adrian are traveling to Prince George, BC to spend time with Village Missionary kids, Elliott and Victoria Harder. They plan to spend time with grandchildren, do some work for the mission and encourage the church in Nukko Lake. Pray for travel safety and pray that they might be a blessing to many.

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

November 17: Bill & Mary Korf, Cotopaxi, CO


Cotopaxi is located on the Arkansas River in south-central Colorado. Our scenic little spot in the Rocky Mountains attracts tourists who want to cool off in the summer, and we have many retirees here from all over the U.S. It is paradise for sportsmen, with hunting, fishing, rafting, and skiing nearby. Ranching is a main source of income; also, we are the “prison capitol of the U.S.” as we have seventeen prisons in our county (two are Super Max) and they employ many men and women.

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013


Thank you for praying for the U.S. Board meeting.  It was a joy to welcome new board members Peter Corak and Bill Nicholson.  One of the important decisions made was to launch the Village Missions Contenders Discipleship Initiative.  We will make more information about this initiative soon.

Please pray for Brian as he speaks at Evangelical Bible Church for the two services in the morning and the Sunday evening service on November 17.  EBC in Dallas, Oregon, generously supports Village Missions as well as several other Village Missionaries.

Roy Adrian writes, “Praise God for the very good meetings that the Village Missions Canada board held in Edmonton last week. We had good fellowship and a wonderful spirit of unity amongst us. God is so good! We also praise God for the travel mercies He gave us. Many of us had to drive on very wintery roads, due to a storm in the area – but we all got to our destinations safely.”

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

November 10: Jim & Brenda Harkabus, Lakehead, CA

We are located on the Interstate 5 corridor, 25 miles north of Redding on Lake Shasta. Lake Shasta is the 3rd largest man-made lake in the western U.S. and the largest lake in CA, with its 370 miles of shore line. As a result, recreation is the primary economy in the area, with houseboats, wake-boarding, skiing, fishing, camping, and hiking. Lakehead’s beauty is simply astounding, There are few places on earth where one can take a walk in the early morning and can anticipate seeing a bald eagle swooping down for its morning fish breakfast.


Its creation beauty aside, Lakehead is home to over 1000 people who have yet to personally know their Creator and Savior. Pray for a continued open door for the Gospel, and that God’s people may share Christ with others. Pray for the men’s and women’s Bible studies currently taking place, that lives would be transformed by the life-changing Word of God.

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

As You Pray This Week

Thank you for your prayers on my behalf (Brian) as I traveled to Edmonton for the Village Missions Canada Board meeting and then to Bezanson, Alberta, to speak at a church that supports Village Missions.  We welcomed new board member Ernie Muchinsky, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Although it was snowing on the drive to Bezanson, the roads were clear.  It was a joy to find a vibrant church, started 42 years ago by Village Missions.  We no longer supply leadership, but the church is still a beacon in the community with many young people-actually mostly young people!


Please pray for the U.S. Board as it meets this week, November 7-8.  We will be welcoming two new board members, Pete Corak from our Lake Tapps, WA, church and Bill Nicholson, from our Sauvie Island, OR, church.  Pete writes a daily devotional that is quite good-you can check it out at  Please pray for safety in travel for board members and wisdom as they meet.

Roy Adrian writes, “Danny Rung, a friend of mine and a member of the Middle Lake Gospel church in Saskatchewan, (a VM Church) had a valve replaced in his heart about a year ago. Recently he has had a lot of bleeding in his knee – due to the blood thinners he has to take. He has extreme pain when the bleeds happen.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors who are working with him.”

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