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Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

As You Pray this Week

shoulder to shoulderHAPPY THANKSGIVING!   We pray that you have a great day celebrating Thanksgiving and remembering the many things we are thankful for.   Most of all we are thankful for a Savior who gave us the gift of eternal life.  Thank you Jesus!
Pray for Brian and Carole as they travel to Michigan to be with family for Thanksgiving.
Pray for the adjustments in the home office as Mike Jones’ Administrative Assistant moves to a part-time role beginning in December.

Pray for wisdom as Mike Jones work with the District Representatives on placement of new missionaries and in dealing with some difficult issues.

Mike and Judie Jones are hoping to visit family over the Thanksgiving weekend. Pray that our time will be encouraging and a safe travel.

Pray for Mike and Judie Jones’ daughter and grand-daughter who are going through some difficulties.

Please be praying for the Village Missions Helping fund which is critically low.   You can partner with Village Missions in the Shoulder to Shoulder campaign by giving online.
The holiday season is a time for a lot of extra work in the office – pray that we will be able to get everything done on time. Pray for our upcoming Christmas outreaches as we serve in our local church.

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

November 30: Owen & Lori Corcoran, Gorham, NY

corcoransBethel Baptist Church is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York. We live in a small village of about 500 people, surrounded by farms, vineyards, orchards, lakes, and many tourist attractions. Our church just celebrated 200 years of ministry! Please pray that we would reach the people of our community with the life-changing good news of Jesus. Pray that our church family would continue to remain faithful to the ministry. Pray that we would grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord and with one another. Please pray that we would grow in all areas of outreach.

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

As You Pray This Week

shoulder to shoulderBrian and Jim Cross arrived home safely from the Canadian board meeting. Please be praying as we work out the details for a new initiative that is coming in Canada.

Please be praying for the Village Missions Helping Fund, which is critically low. You can partner with Village Missions in the Shoulder to Shoulder campaign by giving online.

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

November 23: Joseph & Jaine Garness, Star, CO

GarnessStar Community Church is located in SE Colorado, 17 miles from the nearest town and 25 miles from the nearest town with services. For many years, Star Community Church has been a lighthouse in this rural area, but as the ranches around SE Colorado have grown larger, the population has declined and aged. The congregation of Star Community Church is mostly elderly.  Because of our distance, it’s difficult to attract new families from the surrounding towns, and many of the families living in the area don’t see a need to come to church.  There are many Hispanics living in the surrounding towns, and Jaine and I have been given several opportunities to minister to them and help a local Hispanic church as well. Please pray that God would give us new opportunities to minister to the Hispanics in the area. Pray that God would bring new and younger members to our fellowship. Pray that God would use us to reach out to those around the area who dont attend church.

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Nov 16: Frank & Lynn Puffer, Land O Lakes, WI

pufferLand O Lakes is largely a resort area. People are drawn by many outdoor activities, which are plentiful in this area. The major industries here are construction, hospitality, and personal services, which come along with such an area. As well, there is a good number of retirees in the area. Please pray for the forthcoming Contenders Discipleship Initiative classes, which will begin in September 2014. Pray that the students would be doers and not only hearers of the Word, that they would effectively live the Gospel, and the Land O Lakes area would be transformed as God has willed.

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

As You Pray This Week

boardVillage Missions is so thankful for our many veterans that have served to protect our freedom to worship without fear of persecution. Thank you to the many missionaries who have served in the past and those who currently serve for this sacrifice.


The National Board meeting for Village Missions went well last week in Dallas, OR.   Also, the banquet in Dallas, OR, on Friday night went well as we were able to raise over $20,000 for the internship program.   Praise God!


Brian and Jim Cross are currently attending the Canadian Board meeting in Canada. Please pray for wisdom for the board as they discuss the issues facing Canada and the creation of a stewardship plan.


November 15-16 Mike and Judie Jones will be in New Mexico visiting our Navajo missionaries, Jimmy and Nevey Francisco, and the church at Defiance. They will also stop by and visit Dan and Cheryl Wuthrich at Mayer, AZ. Pray that we will be an encouragement to both couples and to the church people there at Defiance.

Pray also for our District Representatives as they deal with difficult situations on their visits to churches this fall.

Pray for some good contacts as Mike Jones interacts with staff and students at Grace University here in Omaha and at Calvary Bible College in Kansas City.


Roy Adrian writes, “One of the huge challenges that we face in Village Missions Canada is the difficulty of recruiting new missionaries. On Tuesday and Wednesday, November 11-12, we will be holding our Canadian Board meeting and discussing this and related issues. Pray for wisdom for the Board members and the leadership team.”

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Nov 9: Marty & Cindy Cole, Ocean Park, WA

coleWe have served Friant, CA, Foresthill, CA, Springfield, OR, and now Ocean Park, WA, along with our son Jonathan, who runs Mike’s Computer in OR and serves at OPCC. Just like it sounds, we are located on the SW WA coast’s Cape Discovery. No one drives by Ocean Park; we hear it said, “You have to be going there, to get there.” Known for its 28-mile drivable beach, razor clams, and Willapa Bay Oyster industry, it is a destination for vacationers. While Long Beach hosts Sandsations and the Kite Festival, Ocean Park hosts an annual classic car and hot rod derby, The End of the World Rod Run, that draws over 50,000 visitors to what is typically a slightly populated sand bar in the Columbia River region. Many retirees come to settle here, and mostly Mom & Pop businesses work to make ends meet from the tourist trade. Area schools make up less than 10% of the entire population. While we serve the local congregation, we also work hand in hand with several area fellowships, a neighborhood convalescent center, and I am the chaplain of a regionally known WA State youth correctional facility, Naselle Youth Camp. Praise God with us for the grace to serve the NYC facility for nearly 3 years; pray for continued favor with admin, staff, and youth at that campus. Pray for the Word of God to go forth in power to deepen faith and expand the walk-work of believers in the church. Pray for wisdom to parse our time between services, Men of the Cross, Sisters Ministry, prison chaplain, and PCFD1 chaplaincy duties. Pray that we meet and minister to families, youth, and children in our area, and that they may find their way to and walk in the way of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

As You Pray This Week

man prayingThank you for praying for the fund raising banquet in New Gloucester, ME. We had 126 people in attendance and over $26,000 was raised to help build two homes for our retired missionaries.  This will enable us to have six homes for Village Missionaries that retire.  If you would like to see pictures of this event, please click on this link.

Please be in prayer for our upcoming Village Missions’ board meetings. The U.S. Board meeting will begin Nov. 6. Please pray for travel mercies as well as wisdom for board members.  We will be holding a fund raising banquet Friday night to raise money for our internship program.  Our Canadian board meeting starts Nov. 11.

Roy Adrian writes, “We praise God for the many who attended the Toronto Dinner, and who continue to support Village Missions Canada. Thank you for giving, and thank you for praying! “

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